Green Meadow Project Team


Hydrology & Hydraulics Report 12-13-2016 - Please contact Nikki at the district office to obtain the full report, due to size limitations it cannot be posted on the website.  nikki(at)

Public Scoping Meeting Minutes

Public Scoping Meeting Questionnaire DUE 06-05-2016

EXAMPLE Completed PL566 Report

US Army Corps of Engineers Letter - Dated 11/7/2014 - Re: Concurrence Points #1 and #2 

Strategy Elimination Spreadsheet - Final Draft 

TP 11 Strategy Elimination Rationale Draft

Updated TP 11 Strategy Elimination Rationale Draft

Project Team Handbook 

Mediation Agreement

"TP 11" - Technical Paper 11

Wild Rice Watershed District Management Plan 2003 

Red River Basin Commission Long Term Flood Solutions Slides 

Flood Damage Reduction Measure 

Corps of Engineer's letter regarding "Point of Concurrence #1" 


Green Meadow Subwatershed Project Map 

Natural Resources Planning Maps 

             Prairie Plan Goals

             Priority Landscapes for Grassland Conservation

             Priority Landscapes for Wetland Conservation

Problem Area Map 

Problem Area Map with Timing Overlay 


Meeting 1 -  MinutesPower Point Presentation

Meeting 2 -  Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Power Point Presentation 

Meeting 3 -  AgendaMeeting MinutesPower Point Presentation

Meeting 4 -  Meeting Minutes

Meeting 5 - Agenda,  Meeting Minutes

Meeting 6 - Agenda,  Meeting Minutes

1-25-2017 Meeting - Meeting Minutes, Power Point Presentation

Review Point Documents

Review Point 2 - Draft Purpose and Need

Draft Environmental Assessment

Point of Concurrence Documents

Green Meadow Problem Statement - Final Draft

Green Meadow Goal Statement - Final Draft

Green Meadow TP 11 Strategy Elimination Rationale - Final Draft 

US Army Corps of Engineers Letter, Received 11-07-2014  

Points of Concurrence #3, Submitted 3-2-2015 

City of Hendrum Flood Control Levee Construction


Repair of WRWD Project No. 30


Ring Dike in WRWD


Moccasin Creek Impoundment


Common Flooding in Lower Wild Rice River Area


City of Perley Flood Control Levee Construction